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Thankbox Packs | Less hassle + Big Savings = More Smiles

Photo of Thankbox Team Thankbox Team 18 October 2021
Two happy, smiling women.

One of the pleasures of working life here at Thankbox is listening to customers. When the people showing appreciation for great work and sharing congratulations with online group cards for life’s events and milestones have something to say, we are all ears. It means we can innovate constantly, be responsive and strive to make a Thankbox the ultimate in online group cards. All in the name of a better experience for all.

So, say ‘hello’ to Thankbox Packs

The latest innovation on our mission to make online group cards fun, easy and super effective is Thankbox Packs. Great value, pre-paid, packs of classic Thankboxes, available in a variety of sizes. The beauty of Packs is their simplicity. One purchase (and only one expense claim) means a lot less hassle and allows a ‘team’ admin to easily share Thankboxes with colleagues, wherever they are working. The Pack lasts a year and any Thankbox shared can be upgraded to Premium with a simple click. Slick and simple in true Thankbox style. Plus, like all good things about going large - the bigger the pack, the greater the saving.

"Thankbox is the best helper for our business"

"Our company has started using this software to celebrate employees' birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. We have been going through bad times in the world lately and we need more thanking each other in these times. At the same time, the software is not very expensive, it is suitable for every pocket, so any company or person can buy it easily."

A Thankbox Packs customer review on Capterra

The result? More people can create a virtual group card and spread many more deserved feel good vibes throughout their group – with all the benefits to team motivation and productivity we all know that brings.

An image showing the savings and features of Thankbox Packs

Get your first Thankbox Pack here.

Creating a Thankbox online group card is very easy.

It takes seconds. Then invite your friends and colleagues to contribute - personal messages, videos, photos, Gifs and online gift collection - and make them feel appreciated and special.

A Thankbox is guaranteed to brighten someone's day, whatever the reason.

Help green the world with Thankbox Packs.

We strive to practice what we believe in. That's why, when a Thankbox is sent the planet is helped in a small way.

  • We plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold. With every pack sold we can plant even more!

  • 100% of our electricity consumption is renewable-generated.

  • We are a modern, distributed organisation. No wasteful offices, travel or infrastructure.

Thankbox founder, Valentin Hinov, with a reindeer

Our founder Val thinking about Thankbox Packs while getting some early Christmas vibes in.