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The 15 Best Retirement GIFs for the Perfect Send Off

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 28 January 2022
Lady saying “I retire, I'm done“ gif

So, it’s finally happening - your coworker of many years is retiring. It's been a long time coming and now the moment is here.

How long were they with your team? Maybe 5 years? Maybe 10? Maybe 20 or even more! Perhaps this is the longest job they’ve had in their career and they are now on the final stretch. Regardless, we believe it’s an achievement worth celebrating.

How do you mark this occasion? An easy way is to share your favourite stories about them - and encourage your other colleagues to do the same. You can let them know how happy you are for them - that they can finally put their feet up. Off to the beach, the golf club or art group they go. You’re not jealous, of course not - much better to continue working.

What can really add that extra shine to your message, though, is matching it with a GIF to really sell it! After all, an animated image is worth a thousand (well ok, maybe a hundred?) words! Luckily, with a Thankbox group card you get the best of all worlds! Words, images, videos, GIFs all in one! It’s a board full of messages and funny retirement GIFs you can send to the lucky retiree.

To help with your GIF search we at Thankbox have compiled a list of 15 quality GIFs, guaranteed to get a laugh - or at least a smile - from the recipient. We have split them up in 3 categories - “I’m done”, “Put your feet up” and “Have a drink”.

Without further ado, here is the list. Enjoy!


I'm done

After all when you retire you are done with it all aren't you? Done with work, done with the 9 to 5, D. O. N. E. And here are 5 GIFs that can say that in a way words just cannot capture.

1. I don't do that anymore - source
Retirement GIF of retired lady at ski resort chilling out with her dog - “I don't do that anymore. I'm retired“.
2. Peace out - source
GIF of cool dude in shades peacing out when leaving the office
3. My job here is done - source
Retirement GIF of lady with 1980s hair saying “Guess my job is here is done“
4. I'm done, I retire - source
Lady saying “I retire, I'm done“ gif
5. In our final spot of the "I'm done" category is of course this legendary gem, the president himself with the classic mic drop. - source
GIG of President Barack Obama in black tie dress and his mic drop at the podium

Put your feet up and enjoy it

It's what we all look forward to at the end of each day isn't it? Putting our feet up and relaxing. Maybe going to the beach. Maybe even moving to the beach - why not? Plan a cruise? You have a lot more of that "me time" to look forward to when retiring so here are 5 GIFs that capture that spirit.

6. Just let me sunbathe - source
GIF of cool dog soaking up the rays on the beach
7. Life is a beach 🏖 - source
GIF of guy doing horizontal star jump saying - Life's a beach
8. Muppets-style beach vacation - source
Animation of playdough characters in shades relaxing on lilo
9. Golf course boogie - source
GIF of golfer doing moves at bunker after great wedge shot
10. Cruise-time! - source
GIF of crew and passengers doing celebration conga on cruise ship

Thankbox icon representing the beach and retirement Like it so far? Mark your coworker's retirement in real style...

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Have a drink and chill

You've earned it after all! Years and years of service have to be rewarded. And what better way than with your favourite drink, a hot tub or bubble bath? Maybe even all 3! Cheers!

11. Just me and my wine - source
GIF of lady singing and drinking wine
12. Hot tubbing it - source
Retirement GIF of bearded man enjoying a drink in the hot tub
13. Bubbly on the beach - source
Retirement GIF of pleased dude sipping champagne enjoying life on a Caribbean beach
14. Bubble bath pamper time - source
GIF of happy lady enjoying wine and chocolates in a bubble bath
15. Ending on a high - it's the legendary Leo GIF we just cannot fail to mention. - source
GIF of Leonardo di Caprio at an awards dinner raising a champagne glass

That's it, folks! Fifteen glorious inspiring GIFs to send off your coworker in style! 

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GIFs courtesy of Giphy.

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