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20 Welcome Home Gift Ideas to Show Them They Were Missed

A welcome home gift

As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz says, “There’s no place like home.” Especially when you’ve been away for a while and your loved ones are counting down the days until your return. But why settle for a simple warm embrace when you can welcome them back with an unforgettable gift?

A warm welcome home can be one of the most uplifting experiences. The feeling of knowing that you’re missed and loved is simply priceless. And the perfect gift can convey your appreciation for their return beautifully!

At Thankbox, we’ve gathered 20 unique and heartfelt gift ideas to show your loved ones how much you care. From personalised keepsakes to relaxing treats, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Let’s get this show on the road!

Personalised gifts

Nothing says “We missed you” quite like a custom-made token of affection. These personalised gifts show that you put thought into your loved one’s return:

1. Warmly welcome them home with Thankbox

Thankbox is the perfect solution for crafting a personalised and heartfelt welcome home surprise that’s sure to pull on the heartstrings. With its user-friendly e-card builder, your friends, family, and co-workers can customise a message that’s unique to them.

Thankbox homepage image showing messages, GIFs and images

Featuring an array of messages, images, GIFs, and videos, each person can contribute a personalised message relating to the history they share. This thoughtful gesture not only turns on the waterworks but ensures they feel connected and appreciated right away.

2. Thankbox gift cards

In addition to sending personalised e-cards, Thankbox offers the convenience of setting up an online group gift collection. When friends and family add their messages to the recipient’s card, they can securely contribute a cash amount to a gift card as well.

Thankbox Gift Card landing page heading

And with over 700 popular retailers to choose from – such as John Lewis and ASOS – collecting money for a gift has never been easier. This present ensures the receiver has the means to treat themselves to something special upon their return.

3. Engraved keychain

A practical yet charming gift, an engraved keychain with their initials or a special message ensures they carry your love wherever they go – perfect for a short visit before they leave on another journey.

4. Personalised welcome home sign

Greet them with a tailor-made sign that celebrates their homecoming, destined to become a cherished keepsake for years to come. Check out Etsy for custom neon signs that put their name in lights, adding extra oomph to their return!

PErsonalised signs

5. Monogrammed towels

Spruce up their bathroom experience with luxurious monogrammed towels – the ultimate blend of style, comfort, and personal touch. Join the ranks of King Charles and Snoop Dogg and level up their bathroom experience.

Relaxation and pampering

Help your loved one unwind and settle back into the comforts of home with these soothing and indulgent relaxation gifts: 

6. Scented candles

Set the mood for relaxation with calming scented candles, creating a warm and serene ambience in any room. 

7. Cosy blanket

Welcome them with a plush, cosy blanket that will envelop them in warmth and comfort, making their arrival even more snug and inviting. They’re going to be tired after their journey, and a cosy blanket is a sight for sore eyes.

8. Weighted eye mask

Gift them a weighted eye mask for a restful night’s sleep, easing stress and tension while encouraging a sense of calm. Check out this weighted eye mask from John Lewis, ideal for a better night's sleep.

Weighted eye masks from John Lewis

9. Essential oil diffuser

Fill their living space with the soothing scents of their favourite essential oils, creating a serene environment that encourages relaxation and tranquillity.

10. Spa gift set

Treat them to a luxurious at-home spa experience with a gift set that includes bath salts, body scrubs, and pampering lotions for a rejuvenating experience. Top it off with additional items like a plush bathrobe and a soft towel.

Food and drink

There’s no better way to say “Home sweet home” than by tantalising their taste buds and quenching their thirst. Explore these scrumptious food and drink ideas to elevate their arrival:

11. Homemade meal

Cook their favourite dish or prepare a feast that Jon Snow would be proud of, showcasing your love through the language of food and filling their belly with warmth and comfort.

12. Subscription box

Sign them up for a curated subscription box featuring wine, snacks, or other culinary delights, ensuring a steady supply of treats for them to enjoy. A subscription service like Graze posts healthy and wholesome treats straight through your letterbox.

Graze subscription service

13. Gourmet gift basket

Assemble a basket brimming with gourmet goodies, such as artisan cheeses, exotic fruits, and decadent chocolates for a mouthwatering surprise.

14. Personalised recipe book

Create a custom recipe book filled with cherished family creations and their go-to favourites, adding a heartfelt touch to their kitchen. Customise the spine of the book so it sits nicely next to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay – you could even put it on top of your “mee-cro-wah-vay”, as Nigella says.

15. DIY desert kit

Present them with a DIY dessert kit, complete with all the ingredients and instructions they need to create a tasty treat, like a choco-luscious cookie or a rich chocolate cake.

Thoughtful and heartfelt

Embrace the power of sentimentality and create lasting memories with these heartfelt and thoughtful welcome-home gift ideas: 

16. Handwritten letter

Pen a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation, capturing the emotions of their return home in your own words. With a handwritten letter, they can carry it with them wherever they go.

A handwritten letter

17. Memory jar

Collect cherished memories, inside jokes, and warm wishes from friends and family in a jar, providing them with a treasure trove of love to explore whenever they need it.

18. Video montage

Compile video clips from loved ones sharing their favourite memories, well wishes, and greetings, creating an unforgettable visual keepsake.

19. Scrapbook

Design a personalised scrapbook filled with mementoes, souvenirs, and snapshots from their time away, beautifully documenting their journey and the happiness of their return.

20. Family and friends photo collection

Assemble a collection of treasured photos featuring family and friends, reminding them of the connections and bonds they hold dear.

Welcome them home with open arms using Thankbox

When selecting the ideal welcome home gift, think about the time they spent away and what they may have missed upon their return. Be observant and attentive to their needs, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas.

Image of the How it Works section of the Thankbox homepage

Naturally, what your loved ones will have missed most are their family and friends. That’s why Thankbox serves as the perfect gift, allowing you to convey your heartfelt emotions all in one place. 

Start creating your Thankbox today!

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