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How to Write an Online Thank You Card

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There are many occasions where you may want to express your gratitude towards someone. Would that be to someone who has been next to you during a difficult moment, or to a colleague who has helped you with a task at work, or you want to thank your parents for everything they have done for you while growing up, the list is ongoing? Of course, you can do that by just saying the words “thank you”, but a written note takes the gesture a step further. And what about giving an e-card instead of a paper one? The e-card cannot be lost, and it will stay forever as a memory of that special moment.

With a platform such as Thankbox, you can send an online Thank You card to anyone you want! On our website, you can find various templates of card designs, from which you can choose and send them with ease to the person you want. To make the card unique, you can customize the design, colours, font or add various media files like photos, videos or gifts. If you think that this is not enough, you can also add money as a present. It may sound a little bit complex to do, but it is easier than you think.

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The guide you are about to read will go through each step, along the process of creating an online Thank You card, and will let you know how to send it. Moreover, we will give you some of our secret tips on how to write a genuine and meaningful message, which will make the recipient feel appreciated and loved.

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Personalise the design

Unlike paper cards, with online ones, you can be as creative as you wish. In Thankbox, you can entirely create a design of your own. You can change the colours, fonts, background or add photos, videos and gifts. Open your creativity and make an original design that will leave the recipient speechless.

However, if you are not a creative type of person or do not have the time to come up with a design, you can choose one of our templates. There are different styles you can choose from but do not forget to choose it according to the personality and taste of the receiver.

Start with a greeting

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When it comes to writing the Thank You card, we recommend starting with a greeting that addresses the recipient. That personalises the card and makes the receiver feel special and respected.

Depending on who the card is for, you need to decide the tone of it. Will it be formal or informal? If you are going to send the card to a friend or someone you are close to, you can address them by their first name or even their nickname. On the other hand, if the card is supposed to be for a business partner, a teacher, or a person with whom the communication is formal, stick with Mr./Mrs. Last name.

Tip: Be careful with the spelling of the names. You can easily miss a letter while writing without even realising it, especially if you are using a keyboard, so be careful and check for mistakes at least twice!

Write a genuine note expressing your gratitude

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After you have greeted the recipient, it is time to say thank you. Many occasions deserve special thanks, and sometimes even the recipient might not know that they have made a positive impact on your life until you tell them. State the reason for being thankful. Tell him/her why you feel this way, explain how the thing he/she has done made you feel, and in what way it helped you. That way, he/she will understand the reason for your gratitude, and you will make him/her feel appreciated.

Often people express gratitude about receiving a gift. On such occasions, in this part of the message, it would be the perfect time to tell the receiver how you are going to use the present and if it will actually help you. If it is money, describe how you are going to spend them.

Tip: Be specific! That way the card will be one of a kind.

Include media files

Make the online Thank You card even more personal! In Thankbox, you have the options to add photos, gifts or even videos, depending on your subscription plan.  Add a picture of the moment for which you are thankful and remind the recipient of it. If you do not have a photo of the particular moment, you can record a video expressing your gratitude. That way, you can express your emotions more clearly and show that you are actually thankful for everything. Also, if the tone allows it and you have some insight jokes, you can hint about them with gifs. The choice is broad, so be playful and enjoy!

Add a present

Sometimes it can feel good to treat the person who has helped you with a present. Unfortunately, due to our dynamic daily life, we often do not have enough time to spend searching for the perfect gift. That is when money comes in handy. You can surprise the person you want to thank not only with a special card but with a little bit of money to show your gratitude. Of course, this is not mandatory, and some people will be satisfied with a card, but if you want to be a little bit extra, add money to it.

With Thankbox, you can safely send as much money as you want as an additional surprise. Our security system is constantly being maintained by our specialists, which guarantees the safe transaction of your money, no matter their amount.

End with your regards

To finish the message with respect, it is important to add a closing. That again will depend on your relationship with the recipient. Like we already said, if your relationship is close, you can use a casual sign off, but if the communication is formal, you should use a professional one.

Here are some examples:

  • With Love,

  • Your Friend,

  • Best,

  • Kind Regards,

  • Sincerely,

Send the online Thank You card

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It is fast and easy to send a virtual Thank You card because everything happens, well, online. You only need two things - an internet connection and the email of the recipient. You can either send the card immediately or schedule it for another time. The information you need to add includes the date and the time of the day you want the card to be received, and of course, the email to which you want the card to be delivered. The process is very simple, so go ahead and do it!

Online cards are not only giving you the opportunity to express your creativity while making a card for someone special, but they are giving you the chance to help the environment. By giving a virtual card instead of a paper one, you are saying no to deforestation and the usage of plastic for their production. Moreover, Thankbox wants to make a change and help future generations by making a positive impact on the planet. That is why for every 10 Thankboxes sold, we plant a tree!

Do not wait any longer, and start creating an online Thank You card for all of the special people in your life!

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Who doesn't like to be appreciated? Get going in seconds with your 'thank you' Thankbox. Let everyone show their apprection and gratutide. Hit Send and know all that love and good vibes will be appreciated forever.